Respect to the history, love to the castles

“Books Save Castles” – WCA project to restore the tradition of castle libraries

Bookcases all the way to the ceiling, faded crusts of medieval tomes, gold-embossed leather bindings of collectible editions, huge half-man atlases, playful poetry albums with playful epigrams …

Libraries are a place from which from time immemorial it was possible to travel around the planet and even into space, where major scientific discoveries took place, where tragedies and comedies were experienced. It was the main source of knowledge and inspiration. And also – an island of calmness, silence and dense spiritual work. Yes Yes exactly. “Mental medicine” – such an inscription hangs over the entrance to the library of Ramses II.

Do you remember what the Frenchman Valois said? “For many years, both gravestones and stones have been destroyed, but time has no power against books.”

The era of digitalization has given a chance for literature to become more accessible to readers – regardless of place of residence or specific location. However, the personal library is still a sacred place where authors speak directly to us.

And one more quote, but this time Cicero. “A house without books is like a body devoid of a soul”

We World Castles Ambassadors have decided to renew the tradition of castle libraries. We help to create thematic libraries in castles.

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